Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday Musings #4 - What Character Are You?

Little known fact about this author - I love Wonder Woman. I used to watch Lynda Carter on Wonder Woman with my father -- the reruns, of course! I wasn't even born when the series was on T.V. As a little girl, I didn't fully grasp the complete powers of Wonder Woman, but I knew she was a kickass femme who fought for justice. My mother bought me the Wonder Woman Underoos, which any child of the 80s will recall. (Underoos were the coolest underwear for kids, featuring Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and other characters.) At five years old, I never wanted to get dressed; I just wanted to play Wonder Woman and save the world from evil. So yeah, I have a little Wonder Woman hiding inside me.

When I need a kick in the butt and some inspiration to get through hard writing times or any other struggle, I turn to Wonder Woman. Sounds silly, but sometimes it helps to reach for childhood comforts. What character is hiding in you?


Misty Dahl said...

I used to watch Wonder Woman too! I would and spin around in the kitchen. I thought if I could just spin around in the right way, I would turn into her. I also used to watch Charlies Angels and pretend to fight crime in the neighborhood. When I was really little it was the Smurfs though. I had the original surf house and it was magickal. I suppose these days I'm Buffy. I'm going to slay those demons one word at a time.

Nora Peevy said...

Misty, those are all good choices!

Amy @ Soul Dipper said...

I've alerted an artist friend about your blog and love of Wonder Woman. Not only does Hannah paint incredible WW pieces, she look a lot like Wonder Woman! Hope she drops by to see you.