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My Interviews

Interview on Brummet's Conscious Blog

I Am the Featured Thursday Blogger for WordsinSync!

Author Interviews

Charley Appenzellar - historical mysteries and horror

Elaine Garner - fan fiction

Armand Rosamilia - horror writer/editor for Rymfire Books
Twenty Questions with Editor Ellen Datlow - horror, fantasy, science fiction editor

Guest Blogs 2012

Roxanne Bland's Blackrose Press - Roxanne Bland

5 Common Myths About Self-Publishing Books - Cher Murphy

Tweenscribe - A Writing Forum for Tweens/Teens - Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

5 Ways to Promote Self Published Books - Cher Murphy

Five Fun Ways to Promote Your Book - Author Michelle Scott

The Joy of Editing - Patti Larsen

Guest Blogs 2011

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