Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Having Surgery Tomorrow ...

Dear Demon Hunters,

Tomorrow morning I am at the hospital. I'll be away for up to a week, depending on how my recovery goes. I am battling some serious health issues at the moment and the doctors have deemed it necessary to remove my large colon in order to save my life. This has been an ongoing issue I've been treating for seven years, unsuccessfully. I spent most of June in the hospital with a colon perforation that was quite painful and now here I am ...

Wish me luck and please check back. I hope to be up and writing on a normal schedule as soon I can.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Demon Huntress
A.K.A. Nora B. Peevy

Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Musings #12 - What Character Wears This Shirt?

Yesterday, I picked up this nifty shirt. Even when I'm not reading zombie stories, I have zombies on the brain! This morning I wondered what fictional character would wear this shirt. In 200 words or less, give me your best character profile.

Here's mine:

Curt James is 65 years old. A retired army officer and a Korean War veteran, he likes to build military dioramas. Six one and wiry, with tortoise shell glasses, he still catches the ladies’, even though he walks with a slight limp from a skiing accident years ago. Who can resist his dreamy Elvis eyes? Well, his ex-wife Marjorie could, but you can’t blame him for that; twenty years of marriage and she’d walk out the door this last June, suspecting him of having an affair. Really, he was training at a secret government facility to head back to Korea where he’d been stationed during the first war. Curt knows the terrible, dark secret the government has been hiding from the public and he doesn’t like it – not one bit. But when his country calls him to duty, he answers, even though the idea of cleaning up the army’s mess leaves a sour taste in his mouth; he didn’t like hunting zoms the first time in Korea and he wasn’t going to like it now.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Little Elm Library - Small Place/Big Heart

The Little Elm Library may be small, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in small town charm. When I moved here, I checked out the library the first week and got my family's new library cards. I am keeping my card active for the Dallas library system because as you all know, I'm a voracious bookworm; it quickly became apparent I was going to have to do some of my reading elsewhere because the library is so small. However, this year they are adding on to the collection about 17,000 titles, which is amazing and the new wing of the library, which shares the same building as Town Hall, is under construction as I type.
I got almost half of the library in this photo! It is really tiny, but they assured me they are working on expanding the sci-fi, horror, and fantasy collections, which are sorely misrepresented. Of course, when you only have 26,000 people in your town, you buy what patrons are reading. In this case -- mysteries, nonfiction, history, and romance.

They do have the lovely sculpture featured below, located near the new fiction section, which is the bookshelf on the left. (Yes, it really is a tiny library, but even I, The Grand Puba Bookworm, can find a book I haven't read.)

They are charming. So charming in fact, I couldn't believe it. They don't collect library fines on overdue books! They just ask you to bring them back. They won't let you renew or check out any other books until you return them or pay for their loss. And when I spent the last month in the hospital, they kindly renewed my books over the phone for me and told me to get better.

And the library recently added a webcam for patrons to use, which was announced in the Little Elm Community Newsletter. I love this quaint place! If you're ever in Little Elm, stop by and say hello! :)

Outside the library/town hall building is a memorial dedicated to those who serve/served our country by the local American Legion Post. The eagle statues remind me of my father, who loves all raptors.