Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Musings #3 - Who Is Your Muse? & Creepfest Continues

Wendy Wench got herself a pet and there's a new muse in town. (You can read more about Wendy Wench, my first muse, in a previous post.) My new muse is named Sparkles, courtesy of Tim Ward. Thanks, Tim! Sparkles is a no nonsense black cat. He speaks in a raspy voice. He doesn't like people to call him Sparkles because he doesn't feel they'll take him seriously. He prefers to be called "Philip Morris" after his favorite cigarette company, which is where he got his rasp. He's a chain smoking bastard cat who will push me to write. Gotta love him!

Have you recently required a new muse or are you still working with the same one? The voices in my head would love to hear from you. *grins*

Don't forget to check out my Creepfest contest going through Christmas Eve. Enter to win a signed copy of the UK mag, Twisted Tongue, with my short, A Taste of Murder included.

Also, check out Erik Tiger for Creepfest and moi featured on his blog today.

There's still plenty of great swag up for grabs. Creepfest runs through Christmas, so get hopping, people! And good luck!


Anonymous said...

A cat that will talk to you. Hmm. Mine will barely acknowledge my presence.

My 22 month old daughter would be my new muse. She doesn't say too much yet that we can understand, but I've been hearing, "Do it for me" in my head since before she was even born.

Hope Creepfest is treating you well. Pretty impressed with everyone who is doing it this year. Coffin Hop knocked me on my butt, and that was just at the end of October.

Paul D. Dail A horror writer's not necessarily horrific blog

Red Tash said...

Sparkles?! Poor guy.

Nora Peevy said...

Tash, in public he goes by Philip Morris, but his previous owner named him ""Sparkles." Hahaha