Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Musings #1 - Why Aren't Zombies Right?

Yesterday proved to be a cold and rainy Sunday. I could have turned into a zombie waiting in the long line at T-Mobile to see  about my new Smartphone, which has a pixel out on the display or I could hop on over to a bookstore. I chose option two, since option one, seemed undesirable.

I purchased this nifty edition to my wacky zombie collection, which will soon grace the inside of my car's rear window, since I won't put a magnet on the bumper and risk fading. Plus, I've already lost one Darwin fish over the years, due to either a secret admirer or a militant religious fanatic. (I was living in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the time on the West Mesa, which is predominantly Hispanic and Catholic. My Darwin fish frequently got me more than a few frowns.) I would love to add a whole gaggle of different fishes, Cthulu, shark, Wiccan, etc. But I'm afraid they'd meet a similar fate and my pocketbook doesn't care to experience that again. At $12 a pop, that could get pricey. So, the zombie magnet goes on the INSIDE of the car.

While in line perusing the other zombie goodies at the counter, the little boy behind me piped up, "Zombies aren't right."

My husband, his mother, the clerk, and I laughed hysterically.

"Why aren't zombies right?" my husband asked.

"Ex'd," the little boy replied. And that's all we could get out of him.

My Monday Musing for you: In 100 words or less, tell me why you think zombies aren't right.


AnthonyJRapino said...

Love it! I'm hoping for all sorts of Zombie and horror goodies this Christmas.

shah wharton said...

Zombies aren't right because they smell, they lose body part during conversation and because they are actually always wanting to eat you no matter how enthused they might be in your company. A vampire having half a pint of your blood is one thing. A zombie might need an arm or a leg. Huge difference, which is quite rightly, 'not right.' :D Shah .X

Nora B. Peevy said...

Anthony, me too! Me too!

Shah, great answer. :)