Monday, June 13, 2011

In Pet News Today ... Something Good Happened!

Breaking from my writing subject matter tradition again because I am so darn happy I could eat a superworm myself! Derrick ate four superworms. It's the first solid food he has eaten since he starting seizing over a week ago. He has been running around his tank all day, even though one of his front legs is not working right. (He's sometimes walking on the top of his foot.) He has his happy yellow colors on too. I am going to talk to his vet tomorrow and see if she thinks he's going to pull through. I am hopeful he will now.

And Mike is not sick. He just needed his claws clipped. He was having trouble climbing his logs to bask and refusing to eat his salad greens because he didn't like what the chef (me) served him. He ate some today and is back to his normal bearding at his upstairs neighbor (Derrick) creating a ruckus as he romps through his tank setup. Mike may not be happy that Derrick is back to behaving wildly, but I am.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pet Emergency Update

This blog is supposed to be about writing, but I can't focus to write anything right now. Derrick, my dragon, is still with us. He's improved some, but not enough. He is still having problems with his legs. There could be a neurological cause like a tumor or a brain infection. He's been tested for a contagious virus, which could have been passed along to my other dragon, Mike. Mike is starting to show signs of being sick as well. I am not sure if either of them will make it. This virus is fatal and if they are showing these symptoms, it means they are really, truly sick.

We have had Mike for 7 years and Derrick for four. Derrick is a rescue. He is five and a half and Mike is, well, 7. I hate to think of losing one or both of them, but that might be the case in the next week or so. I am having trouble focusing on writing anything and spending a lot of time nursing my two sick friends. Please be patient with me. I hope to be on track as soon as I can.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Absence

Sorry for not blogging much this week. I am dealing with a very ill pet at the moment and waiting for test results. Trying to stay positive, but I am not sure there is going to be a good outcome at this point. Wish us luck. I'll be back soon.