Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Visited My Old Library Haunt in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I frequented this library from second grade on in my hometown. I went there this week while visiting my folks for the holidays. I couldn't stay away. I haven't been sleeping well with all the clocks and dad's oxygen machine hissing away like a rabid animal in the next room. Plus, my back's been screaming up a storm in the cold weather. I didn't want to run out of reading material for the flight home and my book supply is running dangerously low!

I now have four books. I've settled on Christopher's Moore's Bite Me for my bedtime reading. Nothing like the angst of a Goth girl and a vampire cat stalking her hometown to help me get to sleep, right? Wish me luck! Maybe, I will get some sleep soon. If not, at least I can rest when I get home on Sunday night and I'll be entertained in the meantime. *chuckles*

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