Friday, July 22, 2011

The House on the Rock

The House on the Rock in Spring Green, Wisconsin was birthed from the imagination of Alex Jordan in the 1940s. The 14-room house rests on a shelf of rock 60 feet long and boasts some of the weirdest and kookiest collections you can find. Alex Jordan's mammoth dedication to collecting the odd and fantastic is something we can all enjoy today. In fact, this house even made an appearance in Neil Gaiman's American Gods. Neil Gaiman has gone back there to discuss his book. 

The House on the Rock also has an inn nearby you can stay in and there are many events to enjoy. They have  steampunk Halloween costume party planned his year. You can read more about it and other interesting tidbits here:

A Wisconsin native, this attraction is just a day outing for me. I have visited the place more than twice and each time I return, I find something new to marvel at. Here are some of my photos. If you're heading to Wisconsin, this is a great family attraction or if you're just a curious writer with a good imagination like me. Perhaps, you have your own story to write here.

This is the Infinity Room:

These are some shots of the carousel room made famous in Neil Gaiman's book:

Here are some random photos of the collections at the house. There are lots of mechanical bands, etc.

This one is a favorite. It plays The Beatles' Octopus's Garden.

Even the public bathrooms are cool:


They have a beautiful garden area as well outdoors. These alligators are my favorite:

As always, happy writing and happy reading to all!


Erin O'Riordan said...

That's weird, and a little creepy. I love it.

Nora B. Peevy said...


I find something new every time I go. The place is amazing and worth the money to see.


shah said...

Oh I love places like this - but I'm miles away! (Dubai) Typical.

Interesting post Nora. Thanks for linking it up at the creation blog hop.

Shah .X