Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Goals

Another year is approaching with the dark of midnight and I've been doing some reflecting while not sleeping on vacation.

This is a stream of consciousness writing exercise. Here's what I came up with for New Year goals in ten minutes off the top of my head.

Laugh more. Play hard. Love fiercely. Read like a beast. Watch more sunrises. Celebrate more sunsets. Enjoy being still. Keep moving. Keep writing. Spend more time listening to the rain with my cats curled up beside me. Bring more green into my life. Talk to my plants. Feed the ducks. Lay in bed and daydream on cold winter mornings. Drink more tea. Let my heart speak for me and my head think for me less. Eat more Indian Food. Write like a beast and then eat more Indian food. Repeat. LOL Find the color in every day. Dream big. Wish bigger. Live bigger. Laugh bigger. Be silly. Be spontaneous. Talk with people. Hug often. Turn on music more. Read more nonfiction. Paint. Take pictures. Travel to new places. Move into harmony. Enjoy the water and the beach. Spend less time wishing I had more time. Just be. Just do. Sing. Wink. Skip and hop. Dance. Savor the moonlight. Cast a few spells. Light more candles. Be happy. Be calm. Be creative. Get published. Continue random acts of kindness. Feel free to make mistakes and not care what others think of me. Walk tall and beautiful. Walk The Beauty Way. Talk with my ancestors. Find freedom. Find solace. Find friendship. Find companionship. Keep less secrets. Open my heart to the sound of the birds in the morning. Count how many shades of blue there are in the morning. See people for who they really are. Do not be fooled by illusions. Discover magic. Find fairies. Find enchantment. Breathe. Repeat. Breathe. And repeat. Smile. Be at home in my own skin.

What will you write? I'd love to hear from you.

Wishing you a wonderful new year from The Demon Stole My Pencil,


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