Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Musings #8 - Why Were These Prisoners Executed?

As I've mentioned before, graveyard rubbings and photos are a hobby of mine to unwind my writer's imagination. While doing some rubbings at a local cemetery, my husband and I stumble upon the headstones of two executed criminals, which freaked us out a little. The cemetery, which will remain nameless until tomorrow, is a beautiful and peaceful one. These two graves stand apart from everyone else under a gorgeous old tree. My husband is often my writing muse and immediately both our imaginations started what we discovered turned out to be so much more interesting than anything I came up.

Here's your musing for today: In a short comment, tell me below what you think these brothers did? I'll reveal the story tomorrow my little demon hunters, so hang on to your pitchforks!

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Marva Dasef said...

That 2nd stone is hard to make out, but it looks like the birthdate is 1852, which makes it a little difficult to be the father of the 1st stone who was born in 1854.

Brothers, maybe?

I'll guess they were outlaws a la Jesse James gang.