Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Musings #8 - Why Were These Prisoners Executed?

As I've mentioned before, graveyard rubbings and photos are a hobby of mine to unwind my writer's imagination. While doing some rubbings at a local cemetery, my husband and I stumble upon the headstones of two executed criminals, which freaked us out a little. The cemetery, which will remain nameless until tomorrow, is a beautiful and peaceful one. These two graves stand apart from everyone else under a gorgeous old tree. My husband is often my writing muse and immediately both our imaginations started what we discovered turned out to be so much more interesting than anything I came up.

Here's your musing for today: In a short comment, tell me below what you think these brothers did? I'll reveal the story tomorrow my little demon hunters, so hang on to your pitchforks!


Marva Dasef said...

That 2nd stone is hard to make out, but it looks like the birthdate is 1852, which makes it a little difficult to be the father of the 1st stone who was born in 1854.

Brothers, maybe?

I'll guess they were outlaws a la Jesse James gang.


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