Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Bloody Good Valentine's Day Book List - 2012

If you're like me, you hate being bombarded with commercial greeting card crap and probably would like to read a really good book for Valentine's Day, right? Well, here are my picks for you.

A Bloody Good Valentine's Day Book List 2012

1) They're Coming For You: Scary Stories that Scream to be Read: Bloody Valentine Edition [Kindle Edition] - For the love of horror fans everywhere.

2) Zombie in Love - A ghoulish book for young readers. Where will Mortimer find love?

3) My Zombie Valentine - A young book about zombie love.

5) Cupid's Maze [Kindle Edition] - A corn maze and a proposal trip gone wrong.

6) My Bloody Valentine - High School voting for the king and queen of the dance can be quite deadly.

7) Love Kills: My Bloody Valentine - A killer short story collection.

11) Saint Valentine's Clash [NOOK Book] - Featuring a vampire and his pscionist lover.   

12) Valentine's Day Is Killing Me [NOOK Book] - A Mary Janice Davidson murder mystery.

14) Hotter Than Hell - A Paranormal Love Anthology edited by Kim Harrison 


Erin O'Riordan said...

Great choices, Nora. I like the sound of the vampire options especially, but the steampunk one sounds really good, too.

Nora Peevy said...

Thanks, gal. Working on getting some of these for myself from the library or to purchase. :)