Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Musings #10 - To Name a Snake

So I have this novel I've been flushing out in conversations with my husband for the past few years. (I am such a procrastinator about this one! LOL) It's a cast of colorful characters. There's a black cat named Phillip Morris, a goat named Baphamet, and an emerald green tree boa, yet unnamed. All of the animals talk and they cause a lot of problems for the poor magician that owns and runs the shop where they live.

But what to call that snake? There is a joke referencing Adam, Eve, and The Garden of Eden in the mix, but naming the snake after a biblical character seems overkill to me. What would you name a wily, mouthy snake with an attitude?


Jeremy Bates said...

Thanks for this wonderful post!

BattiestGrrl said...

Lumbago? Lumbago Jo/e? I'll probably have some other things pop into my head later, but this is the first thing that slithered into mind.

Rich said...

Hey Nora,
You could go with a play on Greek myth and call is Dusa, it could be the offspring of one of Medusa's lively hair.

Lilith might be mildly entertaining and full a parody options.

If it's a male snake, maybe something like Que.

Good luck with naming your snake. Cheers!

Erin O'Riordan said...

I like Julius Squeezer.

Nora Peevy said...

Julius Squeezer wins in my book. I needed this laugh. Been thinking about it all week between hospitals and Dr. visits. Thanks, Erin! And thank you to everyone else too for keeping me entertained. :)