Friday, September 2, 2011

A Writer Loves Her Cemetery

A quiet cemetery is the perfect setting for the quiet writer. Over the years, I've made it a point to visit cemeteries where I live and vacation. I'm fascinated by different cultures burial and mourning customs. One of my favorite college hangouts on a sunny day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was Calvary Cemetery. Calvary Cemetery has 300 gorgeous old crypts and a variety of historical headstones for the graveyard enthusiasts. It's perfect for headstone rubbings, a little reading and writing, and is great inspiration for any photographer. My last visit was in July of 2009. I've amassed a mountain of photographs of these beautiful grounds and wanted to share a few with you today.

This is the old church, which was closed when I was there. I always thought it would make a great chapel for a Halloween wedding.

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As always, happy writing and happy reading!


Erin O'Riordan said...

I love Milwaukee, but I've never been to this cemetery. They are hauntingly lovely places to explore...not literally, one hopes.

Gabe Habash at Publishers Weekly recently did a blog post about the world cemeteries that serve as the burial places of multiple authors:

Cindy Little said...

Love it! It's nice to find a fellow cemetery lover. I live in central Texas and we have so many beautiful historic cemeteries here. They are such wonderfully quiet and interesting places. And of course I always have my camera with me--looks like you do too! :-)

Nora B. Peevy said...

Cindy, one of the first places I visited in Dallas was a cemetery I saw on the way to the vet one day! LOL

Erin, I am a Milwaukee native. This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Milwaukee where some of the Cudahays and other Milwaukee big names are buried. Old money and really gorgeous crypts that they don't make any more. Lots of big statuary. I was a member of the Wisconsin Graveyard Society too. They used to do tours of this one. You should check it out. Thanks for the link, by the way!

Sandra's Fiberworks said...

lovely post! I have a couple of posts on cemeteries myself, as my husband was hanging out there this spring after his best friend died.
Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you followed back as I'm delighted to follow you, a fellow writer! Glad you enjoyed my IRate IRene cell phone post; I write my posts as I would my novels, revising etc., so that they ARE good reads, not off the cuff journal ventings as blogs can be. hope you stop by again.

Nora B. Peevy said...

Sandra, I am following your blog through Google and Networked Blogs both. Thanks for the follow back! I will have to look up your cemetery posts sometime. I dislike venting blogs. I edit my posts before they go live and try to keep my venting to a minimum. Instead, I focus on my writing and art.

Gabrielle said...

Hi Nora! Thanks for hopping by my blog. :) Sorry this is so late. Holiday weekends just slip by so quickly, it seems.

There used to be a cemetery near my old house years ago that I used to walk through when I wanted to think. As a person who loves history, the past and the solitude were great attractors for me.

Hope you had a great weekend!


ShonEjai said...

Though I have never photographed one, I too love cemetaries. I like walking around and looking at the dates and wondering about the many stories of the lives lived and lost.

Nora B. Peevy said...

ShonEjai, nice to see you stop by. I am photographing some historical cemeteries in Dallas, TX soon. I love my cemeteries!