Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You Might Be A Self-Confessed Bibliophile ...

You might be a self-confessed bibliophile like me if you:

1) Judge the purchase of a new purse based on whether or not you can fit a paperback in it.

2) Take a book with you, when you know you're going to be away from home for more than two hours.

3) Find yourself regretting a very bad movie or television program and say, "And I could have been reading a good book right now."

4) Have judged all your past dates, including your current husband, on how well read they were.

5) Have made discussing books a current date topic, even though you know the other person hasn't read the same books as you.

6) Find your family wandering disgusted through Half Price Books as you are happily meandering in the aisles for waaaaay longer than they thought they'd be there, while your cell phone rings in your purse, neglected as you try to balance an armful of books you can't even see over. (Should have gotten a basket. LOL)

7) Can never think of anything you need or want when someone asks you what to get you for your birthday. Your automatic response is a gift card to buy books.

8) You can remember where you purchased every book on your shelves at home and who gave you what as a gift.

9) Your spouse complains he needs to get you a book light so he can sleep at night.

10) Your stepson thinks you're the smartest person he knows because you're always reading.

11) You weigh library options when deciding to move again.

12) You own library cards to more than one library system.

13) You inevitably check out more books at the library than you can possibly read in three weeks.

14) You know that most libraries give you three weeks to return a book.

15) You even own a designated book bag for the library.

16) Going to the library makes you giddy.

17) Every room in your house has at least one book in it.

18) You scold people who leave books lying face down because it ruins the spine.

19) You remind your stepson to wash his hands before picking up a book.

20) And finally, you'd rather be reading than doing anything else besides writing!

What makes you a bibliophile, reader?

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