Thursday, May 24, 2012

Does Your Home Art Reflect Your Writing?

I've blogged before about my carnaval mask collection, so you're familiar with it by now. This is my newest addition to the family; my husband named him "Pablo." Pablo is a reproduction mask made in Mexico. We stumbled upon him at an antique gallery in Denton, Texas last weekend. My husband and I swore we weren't going to buy anything, just window shop, but as always, that's when we find something we just HAVE to have. Pablo is now hanging above the fireplace with his other friends and is quite happy, as you can see.

My mother recently came to stay with me and help out, since I've been recovering from two hospital visits and dealing with some pretty serious medical issues in the past six months. (I'm going to be having another surgery soon, but it's not scheduled, yet.) We moved at the end of April due to my health issues and it's been a slow process of unpacking, since the move wasn't planned, we hired a company to pack and move us, and my husband works long hours. I'm still living out of boxes as I type. My mother helped with some asked me one night while she was here, "How come you have so many decorations that are different mythical creatures and gods and goddesses?"

I hadn't really thought about my house being a multicultural/mythical endeavor before, until she mentioned it. Good question, mom!

The answer: Because I like pieces that speak to me. Every piece of art I display in my home reminds me of a story I read or a conversation about a story I'm going to write that I've had with my husband in the wee hours of the morning when we should both be sleeping. I believe art tells a story and my photos do as well. That's why I fell in love with photography, because photos hold emotion and tell a story I can escape into through the lens. So naturally, as a storyteller, I'd want to surround myself with stories in art. Wouldn't you?

Ask yourself the same question: Does your home art reflect your writing? If not, you might want to immerse yourself in your local art museum and see what pieces speak to you. You might be surprised about the stories they have to share and the writing journey your friends may take you on. And if you're suffering from writer's block, a trip to your local library or a bookstore for a collection of paintings or photos might just be the inspiration you need. Or perhaps, you already have your muse hanging on your wall right in front of you and you don't know it! If not, you should find one and put it up. My first royalty sale ever was generated from a piece of art hanging up in my house. It's been a good luck charm for me ever since. Find yours and use it. And good luck!


Erin O'Riordan said...

Great post, Nora. My funky, eclectic home very much says that a writer/editor team lives here.

Shah Wharton said...

Loved this - when I was single and lived alone I had all sorts of art on my walls - from artistic nudes to finger paintings. I painted my rooms in dark gold and deeps reds, the rugs were junk rejects, threadbare and full footprints and all my clothes and jewellery came from vintage stores and few markets. I've moved so many times since then, I learned to travel light and some things got lost. Since I married in 2008 we moved at least once per year. I miss my paintings and vintage collections -it costs o much more now than it used to! I now have pictures of inspirational cities - New Your, Venice, Paris, London - I'll collect more as I travel more. I have pictures of special moments in my life too... wedding days, new members of the family, etc. I long to put down roots, to fill my home with more of me. But we're still living transitory lives right now. Till then, I have blogs like this one to inspire me :)

Hope you're feeling better. X

Sandra Tyler said...

Hey, Nora, seems you're doing better, I hope! I just started an experiment; a writing workshop linky and thought of you. Check it out? WOuld love to have you

Nora Peevy said...

Thanks for the interest, gals. Sorry for the late reply. My health is not very good this year and has really prevented me from writing when I would like to be.

Sandra, I am sorry I didn't see this until now. I will make a point to check our your blog. Hope the writing workshop is still going on and I can participate sometime. :)