Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Unique Gifts for Writing Dads

Father's Day is coming up in a few weeks and I've been brainstorming ideas. Maybe, you're a writing dad yourself, have one in the family, or know one at work. Here are some great gift ideas for writing dads everywhere.

1) The most obvious choice is a special edition of his favorite book or even one signed by his favorite author. You can find both of these for reasonable prices if you shop around online or at stores like Half Price Books.

2) If you're crafty, you could personalize a writing journal for your dad. I've done these as gifts. They're inexpensive, but thoughtful and easy to make. Just buy a notebook or a blank journal and decoupage the cover or cover it with a nice piece of decorative wrapping paper, instead, if you're not as artsy. You can even paint your own book designs to paste on or work with rubber stamps, practically anything you can find in your local craft store in the scrap booking section will work. Even  stickers from The Dollar Store.

3) If you have the time, one of my favorite gifts to give is a book of letters from me, since I live across country. I usually give myself at least a month, so I have time to write about thirty letters, if I'm diligent, before gift time comes around. I buy a nice journal and I write letters to the person it's for, reflecting on my favorite memories or thanking them for things they've done for me that meant a lot.

4) A writing dad can always use a digital voice recorder, if they don't have one. They're handier than a notebook when sleep interrupts you and cheaper than they used to be.

5) If you have a more traditional writing dad, perhaps, a nice pen engraved with their initials is the perfect gift. Places in the mall that sell engraved gifts generally have pens starting at around $35-$40 plus engraving costs. I've gotten two pens as gifts. I cherish both.

6) Perhaps, your dad is like me and enjoys more than a desk toy or two in their writing space. If so, get them a brainteaser, a stress reliever toy, or something silly to make them laugh.

7) Another crafty idea is to make your own pen holder or decorate office organizers for his. Just pick a theme he likes and go hunting at your craft store for decorating supplies and organizers.

8) Perhaps, your dad likes to listen to music while he writes. Why not make him a mixed CD of songs to inspire his writing or buy him an instrumental collection. (I suggest instrumental because many people find words distracting in the background when they write.)

9) Does dad need a new office chair? I bought my father one for his painting room one year and he loved it!

10) If you have a lot of dough, you can go the route of an eReader or a new computer, but these aren't as personal. I'm a fan of more thoughtful and personal gifts.

11) Maybe, your dad doesn't have a designated writing space. If you have permission from mom, you can create one for him. You don't even need a full room. You can get or make a room divider or choose not to use one. All you really need is a quiet place with a desk and a chair.

12) Dragon Speak is a great voice activated program is a very thoughtful gift for people with arthritis or people who are not computer friendly, but still creatively inclined. Now they can write too! (This is a pricier gift, though.)

13) If your dad is a fan of letter writing, you could order or make your own personalized stationary with stamps from the craft store. You can also order photo cards online pretty cheap at places like Winkflash.

14) I like to drink hot tea while I write, but it often gets cold on my desk while I write. My mom got a great gift one year for the office, a mug warmer. This is perfect for a nice cup of coffee or any hot beverage and doesn't take up a lot of room on your desk.

15) Is dad missing that perfect family album and there's no space on his desk for anything bulky? Well, get him a digital photo frame and load it up with his favorite family pics. These frames can be hung on the wall or propped up on a desk or bookshelf, without taking up too much room.

16) Maybe, all of his office walls are blank. Why not paint a picture and have it framed? Brighten up his office and give him a little color or a touch of horror. (Whichever suits hims.)

17) I'm also a fan of plants over flowers because they last forever and brighten up your home. If dad has a green thumb and great window lighting in his office, you might try a nice houseplant, instead of a bouquet this year.

18)And last, but not least, bookplates and book embossers personalize any book lover's library with a touch of class. There are many places to order these items online as well.

Hope I've offered you some affordable and fun ideas for Father's Day, if you haven't already done your shopping. Happy gifting, my demon hunters!

And as always, happy writing and happy reading to all!


Waseem said...

like the gift idea about father's day...I like it.

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vinnie said...

Some really good suggestions there.


Muhammad Atif said...

They're inexpensive, but thoughtful and easy to make and Send gifts on father day.

Jo Jo said...

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