Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tips for The Busy Writing Life

Are you having trouble finding time to write? Are you feeling overwhelmed? I've been there too. I used to work full-time and juggle a social life, my family, and my writing. Now I am home, which is a luxury for a writer. I have more than enough time to write and more than enough time to find excuses not to as well.  Here are some of the strategies I used while working full-time. I managed to write around 500-1000 words a day and still have a life. You can too.

1) Go to bed a littler earlier and get up a little earlier. Carve out some time in your morning schedule before work to sneak in some writing.

2) Turn off your T.V., stop texting, and stop playing your computer/video games. I realize all of these are stress-relievers and entertainment, but if you give up just one hour a day, you can use that time to write.

3) Make your lunch break and other breaks from work writing breaks. I used to bring a bagged lunch and worked in my cubicle over my lunch hour writing. This may not work for everyone, since there are some annoying coworkers that don't recognize when you don't want to be disturbed, but if you have access to a laptop, you can take your lunch outside somewhere outside or at your favorite local coffee shop.

4) Everyone has to laundry. Clothes get dirty and they pile up, but now you can look at this as an advantage, not a chore. Sort your laundry, put in a load, and while you wait, use that time to write.

5) Keep a notebook by your bed or a digital recorder. Often times, when I could not sleep, I got the best ideas and found it easier to record them for future use, if I didn't have to hunt down a paper and pen.

6) If you're really serious, you can set aside Friday or Saturday night for writing and save the other night for going out.

7) Sleep in on the weekends if you need to, but don't stay in bed all day. If you work full-time, you only have your weekends to yourself. This is valuable writing time.

8) Consider taking your vacation time for your writing. There are plenty of conventions for networking. There are also lots of writing weekend workshops you can attend, even some cruises. You could even find a quiet, relaxing cottage or hotel to stay at where you can focus all your attention on your writing.

Good luck! As always, happy writing and happy reading to all!

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Cindy Little said...

What I like best are the suggestions that encourage writers to squeeze little bits of writing in during the day between tasks. I find that to be very effective. An hour here, fifteen minutes there, etc. really add up.