Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Fridge Ate My Poetry

I know the zombie on the fridge didn't eat my magnetic letter, so where the heck did it go? After a rousing round of insomnia, the husband got up around 5AM and made me blueberry pancakes. As I type, I have a bellyful of food and think I might actually be able to get in a catnap after he leaves for work, but the disappearance of my magnetic poetry will bother me until I fall asleep.

I discovered long ago while trapped in an office cubicle that they never put enough of the important words like "the" and "a" in the collection. Now one has gone rogue. Where did it go? I searched everywhere. I think my fridge has its own Bermuda Triangle or maybe, there's an angry kitchen brownie camping out underneath it, holding my word for ransom. If so, I expect to find a note posted to my fridge that reads something like this: Have letter. Will return for a dish of milk. Please respond before dawn. My only other hope is that my klepto cat,

Houdini, will find my word and attempt to stash it in his not-so-secret-secret hiding place under my dresser, which doesn't happen often.

Until then my new poem reads like this:

picture death miasma

It would have made a great addition to the others collected on my fridge by friends and family:

capture a piece of wood

this fashion model is rigid

i only sculpt in the nude

throw old canvas
make mess

ate a raw cigarette

I compose deep metal sculpture


think free
sense suffering
approach meaning
give your best

Refrigerator Gods and Goddesses, if you are listening, please have pity on a poor, tired writer and give me back my word.

If you're easily amused or bored at the office, you can create your own magnetic poetry online.

As always, happy writing and happy reading to all!


vivinfrance said...

I arrived here via your welcome comment on my blog. Thank you.

Your missing letter poem made me laugh aloud! My missing words are the result of the failure of my ageing memory! I leave a gap when the mot juste escapes me and then forget to fill it in.

Nora B. Peevy said...


Glad to see you! My letter is still AWOL. Maybe, it jumped to an alternate universe and someone is scratching their head because a weird magnet appeared on their fridge. LOL


Erin O'Riordan said...

Magpo does have a tendency to fall down and get swept up by the vacuum cleaner. You've been very creative with it. I kept magpo on my little dorm refrigerator when I was in college. I still remember one of my verses:

I said
I want the man
When he showers
Dry him with me