Monday, August 1, 2011

Alien or Vampire Ceviche Anyone?

I ventured into new territory and tried sole Ceviche. It will not be passing my lips again; it tasted like sweaty gym shoes marinated in lime and pepper, an unsavory combination.

Ceviche is raw fish cooked by the acid in fruit juice. There is some debate whether it originated in Peru or Ecuador, but there is no debate about how popular it is in South America; there it is a tradition. We used fresh limes for ours. You can add vegetables such as tomatoes and green pepper and salt and pepper to taste.

If you're an adventurous foodie, check out this link for recipes:

You can also refer to these links for more on the history and origin of Ceviche:

Of course, my writer's imagination ran wild as I was waiting for Will to get home, so we could eat. I started wondering what would happen if a human or a supernatural creature walked into a restaurant and ordered a really exotic Ceviche like alien or the flesh of one of the fish people worshipping Dagon in the Cthulu mythos. What if you could order vampire Ceviche or zombies could order human Ceviche? How would restaurant owners harvest the meat? Would it be harvested humanely or in the grimy conditions of a slaughterhouse or would your meal be hunted down on the run? What would vampire Ceviche taste like? I think vampire would taste strong and ashy, with a little bite of cinnamon. Now human on the other hand, I imagine that would be sweet like almonds, perhaps. And kitten, well, I have no idea how that would taste, but I can picture a very devious and demented character serving that to someone unawares as revenge or ordering it with relish to shock the other customers.

I'll just let my brain marinate a bit; maybe, in some limejuice and Chile peppers.  Have to make sure I'm tasty if any zombies show up to have me for dinner. *grins*

As always, happy writing and happy reading to all!

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