Friday, January 7, 2011

Support Your Local Library! I Do!

This sign never ceases to cheer me up!  As soon as I could sign my name in cursive, I was begging my mom to take me to get my own library card.  Weekly trips to the library were a fond tradition in my mother's house and I have continued that tradition in my mine.  In fact, sometimes I go twice in one week, if I am bored at home.

Yes, electronic media is here to stay and eBooks are wonderful trip companions that take up less room than a conventional book, but your local library offers more than just books.  They offer a safe place for kids to hang out after school, free internet, an air conditioned space for low-income seniors and others in the summertime, educational classes like literacy programs, etc., enrichment programs for preschoolers and younger children, and a sense of community through numerous community events.

So, support your local library!

I wanted to share some pics of one my favorite library in Dallas.  Timberglen Library has been named a "Green Building" by the city of Dallas, which means that it's a really cool, environmentally friendly building. 

There is this nifty rainwater collection reservoir onsite used to irrigate the library landscaping.  Every year about 1.6 million gallons of rain falls on the library building and surrounding property.  This gray water system allows the library to recycle rainwater in two 50,000 gallon collection containers.  How cool is that?!

I also am a sucker for wind mobiles, of which Timberglen has two giant ones that carry a great message for kids and adults alike. 


If you'll excuse me now, I have to check and see if I have any library books to renew online.

As always, happy writing and happy reading!

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