Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Less Stress, Equals Success!

In the past couple of weeks it's been hard for me to focus on my writing, which doesn't happen that often to me.  Years ago I kicked that nasty writer's block in the butt and just said I was going to write no matter how I felt about what I was writing, but sometimes, life gets in the way of you being able to focus.

We all need a little downtime when we get stressed.  That's why it's important to have hobbies to keep you -- the writer, sane!  I have four hobbies that are guaranteed to de-stress me.

1)  I love to create art.  I do watercolor, decoupage, and crochet, but mostly I like photography.  I recently picked up scrapbooking at the urging of a close friend.  In the past two years I've learned how calming cutting paper can be.  This past week with a death in the family was hairy for me, so I broke out the scrapbooking supplies and created these cards for friends and family throughout this year.

2)  My second hobby and first love, is really reading.  When I read I can escape to wherever I want to without breaking my budget or having to pay for a pet sitter!  And I can stay in my pajamas and slipper socks!  Who can beat that?

3) My third hobby, of course, is the zoo I have at home.  I currently have 3 hermit crabs in a 20 gallon tank, two bearded dragons, one in a custom 6 foot long tank and one in a 40 gallon tank, three cats, a 3-toed box turtle that is native to Texas and in a 40 gallon tank, and a Cuban Anole in a 20 gallon tank.  Here's the collective zoo photo.  From left to right starting at the top, you have Houdini, Derrick the Beardie, Toshio, Tiggyr, Fizzy the Cuban Anole, Mike the Beardie, Brad the Turtle, and Spot, the largest of the three hermit crabs.  They keep me busy every day!

4) My last hobby, guaranteed to get you de-stressed and out of a writing funk, is to just walk or participate in some other form of exercise.  Not only is it good for your physical health, but it is excellent for your mental health as well.

I hope you found these tips helpful. 

As always, happy writing and happy reading!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I hear Wendy Wench screaming something about plot development.  And it's time for lunch.