Friday, July 11, 2014

And Things Continue ...

So, in the midst of the Write-a-thon 2014 I ended up in the hospital again. And it seems I cannot get a break. I went in for a CT scan and had a terrible reaction to the contrast, which has never happened to me before. I'm sure I'm one of the most memorable patients, since I managed to puke on the machine, the staff, and everything in sight. And then my face swelled up like a puffer fish. I made quite the dramatic exit in an ambulance and was forced to stay overnight for observation in hospital. They found a three inch ball of unidentified flesh pressing against my intestine. I'm meeting with a surgeon next week to discuss treatment options and further testing. This Write-a-thon seems to be the glue holding me together at this point. It's the one thing that is not full of drama in my life.

My elderly father just came home from rehabilitation today and the house is crazier than a rat on crack. Everything is F.U.B.A.R. In the midst of acclimating dad and his new handicap accessories to the house, the cats adjusting to the chaos, as well as all of us, there is a lot of tension amongst the family. But words are orderly and comforting and reassuring. And while I normally don't get very emotional on my blog, it's mainly just about writing, there is so much going on outside of my writing that it is really hard not to discuss it. But I can't let myself get sucked into a black hole. I am at least glad I can lose myself in a good book or the mermaid story I am writing. I hope all my readers are finding peace and comfort in their lives. And I wish you all the best. If there's one piece of advice I can give you, it's to never give up on your dreams. Hold onto them. Sometimes they will be your life jacket when you feel you're going under. They can save you. And I hope they save me.

If you'd like to follow my progress during the Write-a-thon, you can find me here or at the link below. Donations for the fundraiser are appreciated. 100% of your donation goes to the foundation for their speculative fiction workshops. Thank you for your support.

As always, happy writing and happy reading to all!


Kiril the Mad Houstonian said...


You hang in there!

As one who has had medical issues, the last 4 years, including eye cancer since moving to Houston in 2012, I know how tough things can be.

Oh, and about contrast, last year...No more for me...last time I broke out in rashes all over my body and began peeling, like I'd spent too much time in the sun on a beach in SoCal where I grew up!

Writing and photography and my cats keeps me positive.

Thank you, as well for Favoring a piece of mine on Twitter!

I invite you to read a poem I once wrote:

A Creative Writer's Prayer

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Nora Peevy said...

Thank you for your kindness and comment. I've been ill since 2003, when I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I've had over five surgeries already. I'll check out your blog too.