Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thank You, Librarians!

Dear Librarians,

Thank you for all the years of enjoyment you’ve brought me. Thank you for being the refuge for a shy tomboy. Thank you for dragons, unicorns, and wizards. Thank you for taking me to faraway places while I was home sick in bed and couldn’t play outside. Thank you for helping me escape during my divorce. Thank you for all the long hours of entertainment in the hospital and at home recovering in the past few years. But most of all, thank you for supporting literacy programs and promoting the love of reading!
I remember how proud I was the day I learned to write my name and could get my very own library card. It was orange. My mother kept it in her wallet and over the years, it became well worn. I couldn’t wait to be old enough to get an adult library card. I felt truly grown up then, but mostly, I felt really lucky because even though my family didn’t go on fancy vacations in the summer or have a summer home, I always had the library and I could go a million places in my imagination.
So thank you for that!
Nora B. Peevy
AKA Your friendly neighborhood demon writer

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