Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Musings # 11 - What Character is This?

While in Gun Barrel, Steve Anderson gifted us with his artwork. This piece will soon be framed and hanging proudly in my collection at home. It's rare that Steve gives any of his artwork away and my husband and I were pleased to get an original.

Art tells a story when I look at it. This pencil drawing immediately conjured up a complete character for me. The image is so striking; I thought it might inspire you to write as well. So I'm asking for you to share a character profile. Who is this crazy man in the sketch? I'd love to hear from you on here.

Here's my profile in stream of consciousness unedited:

Faralel is The Keeper of the Snowflakes. He lives in the far north in the Caves of Montralla where no human sets foot, cursed to live as a nomad until his true love comes calling. After living alone for a decade, he's not used to hearing his own voice. His ears have become attuned to the subtle intonations of melting icicles as spring approaches. He wears the mother crystal used to create all snowflakes. It hangs around his neck, a tiny snowflake pressed into a dried brown leaf preserved in clear resin that hangs on a cold, silver chain. Not having much use for appearances, Faralel is a practical elderly curmudgeon. He collects scraps of cloth discarded by pilgrims on their soul-searching journeys into the mountains and sews them together with great white rabbit sinew scavenged from his meals. At night, he plays the tunes of the mountain folk on a small rabbit bone whistle beside his fire. On one particularly cold eve, an injured and frightened young maiden stumbles into his dwelling, drawn by the smell of roasting rabbit, the light of the fire, and a faint jolly jig. His life will never be the same again.

And what will you write, demon hunter? Share with me!

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Shah Wharton said...

Nope, sorry. I'm not competing with yours. Its far too good. I couldn't possibly think of anything better or write it better, either.

What I will say is there's a give-away at my blog for a pretty good book and scented candle which no one has entered as yet - I interview the author and review the book too: The Forever Girl (first in a series). Hope you're feeling well, you're clearly not struggling for inspiration. :)