Friday, May 27, 2011

What Are You Reading Between the Covers? - #17

Another week or so of late night reading for me. And I have three books to share with you. The first two are installments in Richelle Mead's succubus series featuring Georgia Kincaid and the last one is a historical novel about Mary Queen of Scots.

I enjoy Richelle Mead's Georgia Kincaid series. I recommend it to anyone who hasn't read them. The third book, Succubus Dreams, has a delicious plot and a shocker I could not believe. I won't give anything away. Georgia is being preyed upon by a supernatural creature that steals her energy in her dreams. This being masks itself by fulfilling Georgina's deepest wish to have a child, sending her the most beautiful dreams of a family she knows she can never have. It's a good one.

But the fourth book in the series, Succubus Heat, is my favorite story so far. In Succubus Heat, Georgia is sent by Jerome, her demon manager, to discourage a group of satanic misfits from giving Satan bad press. Their antics in the book made me chuckle. Jerome is kidnapped and all the immortals lose their powers, which causes Georgina to contemplate life without her succubus powers. Georgina scrambles to find Jerome before another demon can be appointed to her district. Mead is just as snarky and witty in this novel as all the previous ones. There's a plot twist that's quite juicy as well, but I won't give anything away. It ties in with what happened previously in Succubus Dreams. And an old character reappears.  Highly entertaining. I would not miss reading this one!

After two succubus stories in a row, I switched to historical novels for a bit of a change. I read The Queen's Own Fool, written by Jane Yolen and Robert J. Harris, the story of Mary Queen of Scots told from her Fool, Nicola's, perspective. Nicola is a well-written character with a loyal heart. The politics in this story are intriguing, as history usually is. This was a quick read and I recommend it.

As always, happy writing and happy reading to all!


li said...

I haven't read that particular book on Mary, but I did read one by Margaret George, and it was utterly fascinating. Now reading a true Victorian mystery, The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher.

Nora B. Peevy said...

Lately, I've been on a historical novel kick. I read two novels about Queen Elizabeth I and am reading one about Andersonville during The Civil War right now. I usually don't read them, but have been in the mood. :)