Friday, May 13, 2011

The Masks We Wear - A Writing Exercise

In light of the past weekend's events, I have been thinking about the masks we wear in life. It's nice to be able to surround ourselves with loved ones so we can take off the masks we put on when we go out into the world, but sometimes it's nice to put on a mask and be someone else for awhile. This week I've spent escaping in the novels I checked out from the library. It's a coping mechanism for me when things get rough. Since my Aunt Rita's passing, I've been reflecting on the masks my family and myself wear.

Today's writing exercise is to focus on the masks that people wear. Perhaps, a character has a startling revelation that changes their perspective and their mask. Perhaps, a character learns of a loved one's death and reflects on the masks they wore in life.

If these ideas don't get the writing juices flowing, my photo essay on masks might help inspire you. You can use them literally as characters or a prop in your story. My husband and I collect Carnaval masks and others from around the world. We've only been collecting for a few years, but I hope you enjoy them. Some of them are quite creepy and have a story or two to tell on their own!


Laurie said...

What NEAT're right some of them are very creepy. I really like them! Thanks for visiting my blog from Shah's weekend blog hop. I appreciate your comments.

Nora B. Peevy said...

Thanks. I want to get more masks, but they aren't cheap.

Rith said...

Hi Nora, what a creepy collection you've got there! Creepy, but awesome.

Nora B. Peevy said...

Thanks, Rith. I think the least creepy has to be the duck-billed one. That one is from South America. The dark brown one with the crazy buffalo hair is from Indonesia. My husband got me that one for Xmas a few years back. When I opened my gift it scared me! It took me two months to get used to it hanging on the wall. Now it is one of my favorites. *grins*