Sunday, April 24, 2011

Works in Progress

Short post today -- still recovering from a looong day yesterday, including trying to coax my husband's new pet snake to eat. Seems like Ludwig is on a starvation protest right now. *sigh*

I have a bunch of works in progress, as most writers do at any given time.

1) I just sent out my snow faery piece, Fool's Gold, for submissions this week.

2) I have a magic realist piece, Knock, Knock, about a woman who owns a stuffed animal with a connection to the other side waiting for a home.

3) I have a short story submitted about a death memorial portraitist, which is an actual profession. I've had more than one person ask me about this creepy detail. Indeed, you can make a living doing artwork of the dead. Sometimes the artist will actually do a portrait as the subject is dying and sometimes they work from a photo of the dead or actual body. They can also work from a favorite photograph. This practice originates from the Victorian era when mourning customs were elaborate. I feel we've lost touch with the beautiful intimacy of death in today's society and wanted to address this in my story.

4) I'm also working on finishing another short story, a bully revenge tale, about a boy who discovers he has a supernatural power. It's been described by Critter readers as a boy Carrie story. Hopefully, that heads out the door sometime in the next week as well.

5) Then there's my zombie novella set in good ole Dallas, Texas where I live now. That is a fun piece I'm in revisions on right now.

6) Oh, and don't forget the creepy piece about Victorian mourning jewelry I have to finish as well!

I also have a zillion ideas screaming to leak their way onto my computer screen. I have a lot to keep me busy right now.

What are you working on, writer?
As always, happy writing and happy reading to all!

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