Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I Did - My Two Writing Days Off

Thought I'd mislead you with a photo of me drinking at Trinity Hall pub, my new favorite Irish watering hole. Actually, I am not really much of a drinker, so it's rare you will get a picture of me like this one. I just wanted to post about Scottish ale. I had this amazing one, Dogma by BrewDog. Yummy -- heather honey, poppy seeds, and a hint of kola nuts. My husband took me out on Friday for a traditional Irish dinner. I had a chicken curry bap, which is a chicken sandwich on a bun, for those of you who are Irish-challenged. (FYI: I am Scottish, Polish, and Bavarian gypsy, with probably a tiny fairy fart of Irish in me).

Then we traveled to, and I could not make this name up if I tried, The Pocket Sandwich Theatre for The Lollie Bombs burlesque show, which totally bombed, no pun intended. The costumes were tasteful, but the women had not talent, which is key in burlesque. The best routine of the night was Angie B Lovely's hula-hoop dance. The rest of the time, I found myself wishing I was back at the Irish pub with another Dogma in hand. However, kudos to the women for feeling empowered enough to prance around in pasties and frilly lace because I know a bunch of women out there too self-conscious and self-hating to feel comfortable enough in their own skin.

Then yesterday, the real fun began!

I took another day off from writing to bathe my three cats. I managed the feat without even a scratch! It was a miracle.

Here's the mad kitty trio in order, Toshio, Tiggyr, and Houdini:

I celebrated my success with my husband at a Greek restaurant, Stratos, last night. They had belly dancers who did these amazing dance routines with swords balanced on their heads. Awesome! We ordered a flaming appetizer that went well with my glass of Pinot Grigio. Wine, women with swords, and food on fire -- what a combination! I was a little worried, though, when the waiter asked me to move so he wouldn't set me on fire!

And now I must return to the writing grind of faeries, mermaids, dragons, and other creatures. Such is life!

As always, happy writing and happy reading to all!

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