Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Are You Reading Between the Covers? - #7

I've been reading, but I've been so busy I haven't had time to post about the books, until today. It's warmer here in Dallas, so my extra cozy down comforter is packed away. I am mourning its extended vacation while I curl up with my books at night. 

Now on to my book blogging selections...

I finally finished Patricia A. McKillip's Od Magic. Ms. McKillip is a fantasy writer and I love her work, but sometimes, as you probably all have experienced, if you're in a mood, it's hard to get into a story. Even though this book is beautifully written, it took me two months to read it! Anyone who knows me realizes I live on books, not air. This was a huge deviation from habit for me! That said -- the book had a great message for me. Fiction is subjective, so maybe you will take away a different one. The plot centers on the Od School of Magic, which is controlled by the King and his court. They don't want anyone practicing illegal magic that could harm the kingdom, so they monitor everything very strictly. There are a few love interests along the way, but for me, the message was that freedom of speech and the right to the pursuit of happiness are wonderful!

After reading Od Magic, I moved onto Delia Sherman's Changeling. This YA book is a delightful trip through the world of the Fae in Central Park, New York, and The New York Between. If I had a daughter, I would share this book with her; it's that entertaining! The main character, Neef, a young changeling, violates the Green Lady of Central Park's geas during the summer solstice. She eventually meets the fairy that she was switched with at birth and they go on a quest to get back to their rightful homes. Along the way, you meet so many colorful characters; I can't name them all here, but my favorites definitely center around Neef's fairy godmother and her time spent in the museum. This is a quick read, but a memorable one.

Then I switched gears from fairies to ghosts in Sarah Waters's gothic novel, The Little Stranger. This book had a really great depressing ending. Nothing ended happy and I love that she went there. The story centers on a rundown mansion in 1940s rural Warwickshire, England, Hundreds Hall. Strange happenings are afoot, beginning with the odd party incident surrounding the Ayres's family dog, Gyp, and a visiting girl. However, while this ghost story kept my interest, I think it could have been a bit shorter. It did seem to drag at times, but I still recommend it, if you are a lover of gothic novels.

As always, happy writing and happy reading to all!

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