Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Are You Reading Between the Covers? - #6

I have to tell you how dedicated I am to you, my readers. I was up at dark-thirty again in the freezing cold, snuggled under my covers waiting to find out if my husband got a snow day from work. I had only two pages to go in the most recent novel I'm blogging about today, when the power went out. Naturally, it conveniently occurred right after my husband had mentioned we might have rolling blackouts in Dallas today every fifteen minutes. For you reader, only for you, okay, and well for me too because I was mad and wanted to find out how the book ended, I grabbed my trusty flashlight and finished reading in the dark. Now let's pray to the book review gods that my computer doesn't need charging during this post and the power is out. That I cannot fix!

I have three books for you today. The first is a nonfiction book about the tattoo industry. Tattoo Machine by Jeff Johnson was a rocking read. Mr. Johnson has eighteen years experience tattooing. This book changed my entire view of the tattoo world, which until now had been based solely on my few personal experiences and shows like L.A. Ink. This book is not a fluffy, Hollywood glam piece. This book tells you the dirty truth about the tattoo business -- the good and the bad. Jeff Johnson even shares some of his own personal tattooing mistakes, which I respect because a lot of artists would just gloss over that part. His writing has a bite and will leave you laughing at the most insane stories. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the truth about tattooing.

The second book I just finished reading is Carol Goodman's The Ghost Orchid. I got this book as a recommendation from Wendy Webb's book jacket, which is an excellent example of how I learn about new authors. If I like a book I always check out all the authors mentioned on the jacket. (I previously blogged about Wendy Webb's book The Truth About Halycon Crane in What Are You Reading Between the Covers? - #5). The Ghost Orchid is a beautiful modern gothic murder mystery set in a historical artist's retreat in upstate New York. There are so many twists and turns in this plot that when you are finished, you'll need to lay down and mull it over for awhile. It's very good storytelling. The characters are well-developed and the setting is beautiful.

And the third book I have to share today is Midori Snyder's Hannah's Garden. This book is close to my heart because Midori Snyder lives in my hometown, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you are a fan of myth or fairytales or both, then you need to read this story. The woodland Fae in this book are imaginative and whimsical and the story is a treat. It's about a young woman discovering her true family tree and reconciling her relationships with her mother and her grandfather while coming into her own. If you are a fan of The Word and the Void Trilogy by Terry Brooks or The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, then you will definitely not want to miss Hannah's Garden.

For all you readers buried under snow and ice today, keep warm!

As always, happy writing and happy reading to all!

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