Friday, November 2, 2012

Fingers Flying Adeptly Over My Keyboard...

Ookay. The blank page is filled. Half an hour in and I'm up to 492 words. You can track my progress by clicking the image to the left.

Here's a little teaser for you:

The Used Muse
In the storefront window lay the body of a crumpled unicorn, its throat a red grinning gash, ruby droplets cascaded down its pure white coat. A tiny pair of hooves stained red, poked out from the unicorn’s tussled mane and in the dark, the cat could make out a tiny piece of red wax on lying on its shiny, muscular flank. The black cat paused under the streetlight, green eyes intent upon the crime scene in the dirty window. His whiskers twitched as he crept closer, his mouth watering at the thick scent of blood emanating from the open door. He placed one dainty paw in a viscous puddle of blood. From the taste he could tell the victim had been dead only a few hours. There was no trace of anything bitter or burnt, so he doubted magic had been involved in the homicide. The tang of iron filings in the back of his throat warmed him barely as the cold October mist clung to his fur and he bristled his back...

Happy NaNoWriMo, demon hunters! Please share your own links in comments and good luck!

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David Oldroyd said...

Alas, my efforts at the WriMo failed last year, 2012 and the year before I didn't realise I had to upload my novel, ooops. Well, it is fun writing and I enjoy it. :-)