Friday, October 28, 2011

The Demon Carved My Pumpkins! - Photo Essay

That pesky demon is back and this time, instead of stealing my pencil, he stole my pumpkins and carved them all. At least, the house looks freaky festive this year. And my cat, Toshio, approves. That's the important thing, after all -- the cat approves.

These will inspire you to write a story or get in the holiday spirit of spooking. Mwahaha!
Sinister Jack Skellington
Oogie Boogie
Baron Samedi

Baron Samedi, Sinister Jack, and Scream
Owl in a tree
Bruce from Finding Nemo

Edgar Allan "Poekin"

Toshio poses with "Poekin"


E. Arroyo said...

Nice carvings. I have no patience, or skill. =) Just popping by from the Halloween Hop.

Unknown said...

Thanks. This is my first year using those carving kits you can buy at the grocery store. They are awesome and easy to work with. I will be adding a few more to this post sometime this weekend. They aren't done, yet. *grins*

I want to buy more of the fake pumpkins so I can do a Halloween tree when I move next year and have a yard. Would be cool...

Unknown said...

I'm here on the hop :) Love the pumpkin designs. I'm horrid at doing those. Happy Halloween!

Unknown said...

Halloween Hop

I want to thank Jeremy Bates for the chance to participate in this blog hop.

My Favorite monster movie - Hellraiser
My Costume - Dragon (well the wings of a dragon and the rest is my sexy self)
And I am now following this Blog (yay)

I have read quite a few of the posts on this blog and I do believe I shall
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Unknown said...

Thank you for the comments and follows. Blog love is appreciated.

Free Book Reviews, a dragon, huh? Sounds great. I also am a Clive Barker fan too. What do you think of Hellraiser being remade?

Veronica Lee said...

I've never carved a pumpkin in my life!! Halloween is not widely celebrated over here on our side of the pond and pumpkins are expensive as they are air-flown from the US.

I love the Owl in a tree.

Shelley Workinger said...

Happy Halloween Hop, Nora - good to *meet* you ;) We only did a ghoul and a banshee this year; you've shown me that I need to at least double my production next year!

Anonymous said...

I consider the owl to be my totem animal, which has little to do with anything except that seeing any owl makes me smile. I love all your pumpkins, but have a special fondness for 'Owl in a tree'. It must also be said that Toshio is a cutie!

I'm here for the Halloween Hop, returning your visit to my blog. My favorite scary movie is Pumpkinhead and my favorite horror novel (at the moment) is The Haunting of Hill House. For Halloween, I will be a horror writer posing as a software developer.

Happy Halloween!


amy@ Souldipper said...

Jack Nicholson is now doing a loop in my head after Sinister Jack.

What's that called? In music it's an ear worm.

Unknown said...

My husband will be doing more carving in the next few days, when he's not working. He works long hours. I might not get to post them until after Halloween. I hope to do one or two more myself, if my hands will allow me. They hurt from all the carving! LOL

Yes, Toshio is a cutie. He doesn't mind his bat costume I got this year. He is actually quite good about that. LOL

Cortney Pearson said...

Wowza, awesome pumpkins (and I love the cat too :-p). Sadly, we haven't gotten around to carving pumpkins this year! I love the Bruce from Nemo one. I've never seen anything like that before.

Anthony Rapino said...

What!? Those are amazing pumpkins. Every year I consider getting the stencils and tools to do special pumpkins, and every year I default to the standard Jack. Maybe this year...

Red tash said...

Love these! Well done.

Erin O'Riordan said...

I love the Poekin!

Deborah Walker said...

Wow. You are so clever. I'd be ashamed to post my hacking efforts.

Unknown said...

Poekin will be joined by others today. My husband has announced we will be carving more pumpkins! :O

Anthony, you really should try those kits. They are amazing.

Anyone can do a fabulous pumpkin with one. Even my stepson, who hasn't carved pumpkins in years did. He did Scream and Oogie Boogie on here. :)

Anne Michaud said...

I just died. Edgar Allan Poe pimpkin carving? I'm totally dying.

REALLY nice work...I mean, wow.

Happy Halloween, you creative stranger:)

Jeremy Bates said...

awesome jack o lanterns!!!
and great SK quote
thanks for participating in the HOP!
my favorite horror is alien
and i was an army guy this year because everyone where i am (philippines) calls foreigners Joe as in GI Joe from when America occupied over here! lol
anyway hope to see u around!

Unknown said...

You will see me around, Jeremy. I am coffin hopping after I finish answering to comments. ;)

I am a huge Stephen King fan. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Anne. There will be more posted probably tomorrow. Still have a few to do too. :)

Quirky Homemaker said...

Love the ghost and the owl!